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NZ CH Vivid Daydream Warden-Whitby (imp-NETH)
(Tanya Omlo-van Geffen)

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NZ DW's Time to Shine (imp-NETH) (NZ CH) (Tanya Omlo-van Geffen)
NZ Falco Des Gardiens de Broceliande CGC-B RA CDX (imp-FRA) (NZ CH) (Tanya Omlo-van Geffen)
NZ Imagine Sedef of White Condor CGC-F RN (imp-GER) (NZ CH) (Tanya Omlo-van Geffen)
NZ Pandorras All-Class (Ch) (Liesl Eksteen & Tanya Omlo-Van Geffen)
NZ Pandorras Dragon-Hunter (NZ CH) (Nathalie Sperling/Tanya Omlo-van Geffen)
NZ Pandorras Fire-Dragon (NZ CH) (M. Hamer & T. Omlo-van Geffen)
NZ Pandorras Magic-Dolphin (NZ CH) (Liz Morton & Tanya Omlo-van Geffen)
NZ Pandorras Magic-Indigo (CH) (Mala Frost/Kevin Botman/Tanya Omlo)
NZ Pandorras Mountain-Spirit RN (NZ CH) (Kyra van Geffen & Tanya Omlo-van Geffen)
NZ Soverenpark Aurick (imp-AUST) (NZ CH) (Tanya Omlo-van Geffen)
NZ Vivid Daydream Warden-Whitby (imp-NETH) (NZ CH) (Tanya Omlo-van Geffen)

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